Sunday, 20 April 2014

Why do people wear tattoos?

In today’s society, many people are wearing tattoos, so why do they wear tattoos? I think there are three reasons that people like tattoos.

Tattoo now means fashion. More and more people think tattoos is for the people have sense, the media are always express that tattoos is a cool, handsome and fashion thing. A lot of idols are wearing the tattoo, they influence their fans to have tattoos. For example, big bang member: G-dragon have a tattoo, many of his fans is going to have the same tattoo as him.

So many people now having tattoos is because of their culture. Some religions need all the believer to have the same tattoo. There is a race that living near Amazon River, they all need to have a tattoo like the crocodile’s skin during their 18th birthday.

There are a lot of artist wearing tattoos.  Some people think that if they wear tattoos, then others will think that they have sense of art, it sounds cool right? They are all thinking about it.

Now people wearing tattoos are for their culture, fashion or their beliefs, that why so many people wearing tattoos.

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